Episode 10 – That Just Happened

The President retweeting racist videos, and North Korea becoming a nuclear power–those two things just happened. But you know what? It’s fine. Let’s keep our focus on where it belongs–getting our candidates into office.




Episode 08 – I’m Going In! (feat. John Roderick – Part 2)

Just who are these admirals, anyway? And what are all the military people grinning about? In Part 2 of Matt’s discussion with John Roderick, they talk about their experiences in Africa, hobnobbing with military brass, and why every problem seems to have a military solution.

Episode 07 – Turns Out It’s No One’s Job (feat. John Roderick) – Part 1

The Over There Podcast returns with a two-Part discussion with famous podcaster, John Roderick.  Matt and John discuss their time in Niger, the way the United States plans and executes wars, and why we keep making the same mistakes.

Check back next week for Part 2!

Episode 04 – Reasonable and Rationable

The President authorized a counter-terrorism raid in Yemen, which went about as well as these things tend to go.  Is Trump’s counter-terrorism strategy just more of the same?  Meanwhile we’re pitching in to help refugees.  And Terry is trying to figure out how to talk to people without going crazy.