Guns, Guns, Guns!

Another month, another mass shooting in America–once again with the military-grade AR-15.  But how does the US military treat firearms?  And is there really such a thing as an “assault rife?”  Spoiler alert: there is.

This week Terry and Matt discuss guns in the military, the military industrial complex, and how to figure out who to vote for in the Primaries.

Expanding the Size of the U.S. Military in World War II

Episode 13 – Mister President, What Is Your Feeling About Civil Defense?

What just happened?  Seriously.  Tell us because we can’t keep up.

This week, we discuss the origins of civil defense warnings, how to make generals pick the option you want, and why the fundamentals of government are more important than tweets.


Episode 11 – #AuditThePentagon

The Administration is getting ready to publishing the US National Security Strategy. And it looks not crazy! So we have that going for us. But the US military budget is still enormous and who knows what’s in there? The only way to find out is to demand accountability from your Congressional representatives.

Episode 09 – But really, Will the World End in Nuclear Fire Under Trump?

This week we discuss whether or not the US military would follow an order to end the world.  We also mull over the best way to apply your time and energy for political change.  Plus Prudent or Paranoid!